Work or live in the cube house, you decide!

3D views of the cube house

The cube houses can be built and placed in many different orders.
You can see in these 3-D graphics what versatility the cube house provides.

248 Cubes = 3.968 m2  living space

Flexibility and modularity

If you have already owned a cube house and now you want to extend - nothing easier than that. With its principle of modularity the cube house is extremely flexible. We offer several enhancements in all dimensions. You are able to expand your cube house forwards, backwards and/or upwards, to the left and/or to the right, extension complex, addition of another floor, flat roof installation, regular building or other prefabricated buildings - this all is included in our performance catalog.

Technical advantage

The cube house is created in modular system construction based on a steel system. Therefore it creates a systemic building of various space modules, flexible, strong design and cheap. In just a few weeks, you will get your new buildings designed for residential, business or social purposes! Which types of buildings is the cube house for - commercial property and industrial buildings are as perfect as administrative offices, office accommodation, showrooms or presentation rooms. Due to open design of the glass - cube houses can be seen predestinated for any commercial applications.

- Education-real estate and -building

However, cube house is suitable for any use as education- or science building. So we create concepts for kindergartens, but also for social institutions (social spaces) premises. School rooms or seminar rooms for universities and training institutes as well as conference rooms, technical rooms, research rooms or laboratories can also be realized with the flexible solutions by cube house. But also art finds an appropriate framework in the well-designed Wuerfelhaus, so the cube house as a gallery or futuristic location for events is a real eye-catcher!

- Health real estate and -building

As already mentioned, laboratories can be accommodated in the cube house just as gyms, rooms with spa services, research institutions or medical practices. The flexibility of the cube house offers virtually unlimited opportunities. Residential real estate and –building Furthermore the cube house realizes living space quickly and cheaply. So residential homes and apartments can be ceated on a large scale in the cube house as well as in smaller scale detached family houses, terraced or semi-detached houses. As before senior facilities or nursing homes are possible too. Last but not least, a market for cube houses could offer weekend or vacation homes.

Where housing is scarce, temporary solutions or accommodation can be created also quickly and relatively cheaply, for example for refugees. Soon a Wuerfelhaus is no longer needed, it is quickly broken down and transported on a truck. The cube house: Practical, fast, strong design and cheap!

3D - CUBE-HOUSE/WUErfelhaus

More detailed views.


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